The benefits of using containers for a self-storage business

The benefits of using containers for a self-storage business

Self-storage businesses have often been set up in vast warehouses, with corrugated doors serving as the entrances to storage rooms containing all manner of personal effects, business documents and – if tv shows like Storage Hunters are to be believed – some truly bizarre collections of knick-knacks. While large, open warehouses are commonplace in the industry, we believe that shipping containers can be incredibly useful for self-storage.

Fire prevention

Our friends at Flexible Storage Solutions recently discussed the devastating fire that broke out in a self-storage warehouse in Croydon over the new year. One of the reasons that this fire spread so quickly and with such damaging effect was due to the open-plan layout of the warehouse.

While containers may not be entirely fireproof, their steel outer shell is relatively resistant to fire and can stop it spreading if it starts within a container. As customers of self-storage businesses are often storing very important documents or sentimental belongings, ensuring that fires do not spread is vital. Fires are a serious risk, so even the most basic level of fire prevention is an important factor to utilise in your business.



Shipping containers are, of course, designed to be moved. Container yards are stacked high with units before they are loaded onto ships and taken across the world. If you’re running a self-storage company, the ability to move, stack and rearrange your containers can be incredibly beneficial, allowing you to make much better use of space than is possible in a conventional warehouse.

With containers, it’s possible to make the absolute best use of the space available to you, rearranging the location of the boxes to ensure that no room is wasted. Setting up a self-storage business can be costly, especially if you’re renting a large warehouse for the purpose. If you’re just starting out and can only afford a relatively small space, consider using containers to make the most of what you have available to you.



The durability and portability of containers make them a very appealing feature for just about any self-storage business. On the surface, a container may not appear to be the most durable method of storage in the world. But remember, these big steel boxes are designed to transport valuables all over the world they are very safe indeed.

Security is hugely important in the self-storage industry due to the often sensitive contents of storage units. Fortunately, this security is not jeopardised through the use of a container. With a lockbox installed, they’re protective, vandal-proof boxes that will allow you to rest assured that the contents are safe.

Whether you’re looking into starting a business or simply need a container to store your own valuable possessions, don’t discount shipping containers. To rent or buy your own container, get in touch with the friendly Unit Hire team today.

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