Why shipping containers are so great for construction site storage

Why shipping containers are so great for construction site storage

A building site is often a busy working environment with a limited about of space in which to fit equipment, tools, materials as well as workers and temporary buildings. Therefore, effective use of space is essential. When it comes to choosing a construction site storage container, you can’t go wrong with one of our affordable shipping containers. Available in a variety of sizes, our new and used steel containers offer an affordable, seamless solution to all your needs when it comes to solving construction site demands. 

Fuel storage


When it comes to fuel storage on construction sites, there are few things you need to get right. Obviously, fuels or oils are an environmental hazard as any spills or leaks can cause serious damage to the surrounding area and wildlife, especially marine ecosystems. As a major form of pollution, oil spills have both devastating short-term and long-term consequences. Human error is estimated to cause between 30-50% of oil spills, while equipment failure causes 20-40%, which is unsurprising since leaks from oil containers are often caused by inadequate storage facilities or poor maintenance. As a construction site manager, you can be prosecuted for causing pollution if any oil from your site enters the ground, surface water or groundwater, which will result in a hefty fine and potential clean up costs.


In order to avoid this, any form of oil or fuel storage on your construction site needs to comply with the Regulations of Oil Storage. This includes ensuring that the oil is stored in a plant storage and refuelling area where it will not need to be moved during the length of the contract to minimise the risk of it being damaged by any impact. On a construction site, there will be a lot of movement of equipment, vehicles and people, so it’s essential to place your fuel storage somewhere on your construction site where it is least likely to be hit by, say a reversing truck. 


Make sure the storage facilities are places on impermeable surfaces with controlled drainage, far away from water sewers, grids, channels or watercourses to prevent any possible contamination. Likewise, any additional equipment, such as funnels and buckets, should also be kept in a bunded area when not in use. 


So where do shipping containers come in? For fuel storage on construction sites, shipping containers provide the perfect solution for safe and secure storage. For instance, our shipping containers can easily be converted to COOSH stores. With in-built taps, removable floors and varying venting systems, our fuel storage units are highly ventilated, all with drip trays or a lip to hold any possible spillage until the oil can be pumped or drained out. 


Storage container with removable floor grate

Open storage container with storage shelves

Construction site storage container 


There is more than oil that needs to be stored on a building site. Construction site storage needs to provide adequate space for materials, tools and equipment that needs to be kept on site during the building process. Storage needs to keep its contents safe and protected from any potential damage, theft and vandalism. As the building work gets underway, the building site storage units also need to allow easy handling, transporting and unloading of materials and equipment. Some construction site storage may need additional features, such as heating, lighting.  


The good news is a steel shipping container answers all of these problems. As far as construction site storage containers go, you can’t get much better. Our anti-vandal steel containers provide a safe, secure and durable way to store specialist equipment and tools on site. Designed to survive the toughest of weather at sea, they are capable of keeping stored machinery and materials safe from difficult weather conditions and any risk of vandalism or theft. 


Available for short and long term hire in a variety of sizes, you can choose your containers to fit your site, helping to make the most out of the space at hand. As well as the more traditional storage units, we also offer Openside units for side loading and High Cube units for specialist equipment. Easily transportable, our storage container units can be used alongside mobile site offices and site accommodation units for a completely mobile construction site set up. 


Construction site sheds 


Depending on the size of the project and the type of equipment and materials needed, you might not need much storage space on site. For smaller storage needs, construction site sheds such as our 8ft storage unit are an inexpensive and practical solution to your storage requirements. Each unit is fitted with a secure lock for added security, as well as being completely weatherproof to keep the contents safe from moisture and heat. This means that you can still store your tools safely and securely without paying for extra construction site storage that you do not need, preventing vital space being taken up on the building site itself. 


Shipping containers are hands-down one of the most durable, affordable and fuss-free type of construction site storage container out there. Having worked with various construction companies over the years, we’ve made it even easier for you to find shipping containers which work for your site. We offer a range of custom-designed storage units, construction site accommodation and site office conversions, designed for the construction industry. To find out more about renting our containers, get in touch with our team today.

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