Bespoke Container Conversions

Thinking about your own grand design or have a bespoke idea? We can help you create, design and build your perfect space.

Example bespoke unit:


From initial consultation to bespoke finishes and CAD Designs, our bespoke container conversions can let your creative juices flow. Any design, any size, it’s up to you to work with our team to create a container that is truly and utterly you.

While we try to constrain our bars and shops to one unit, when creating your own bespoke container, we can join several units together. This allows you to craft a larger space that can be modified around your requirements.

The opportunities are endless, so don’t stop there. Create open-plan spaces to add an extra touch of freedom to your container. You could even add greenery to the top of the container for a tranquil, eco-friendly roof garden. Whatever your dreams are, we can make them reality with our bespoke containers.

We have created unique office spaces, classrooms, workshops, ski shops, secure bike shelters, retail units, spin cycle rooms and fitness centres. With a bespoke container conversion your ideas can be brought to life with the expert knowledge of our team.

Do you have your own grand design idea in mind? If our range of offices, shops and bars don’t quite meet your criteria, get in touch to discuss a bespoke shipping container conversion that is designed entirely around you. No matter your requirements, our team will work closely with you to meet all of your requirements.



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