Shipping Container Office

Working wirelessly has never been so accessible. However, having a suitably productive working environment is not always easy to find.



Our container office units provide you with a versatile environment that ensures maximum productivity, giving you a professional space for your business to operate from. Your container office can be a permanent feature of your business, or if you’re looking for a temporary solution, our site office hire options let you secure a base for your company for a short time period.

Our standard ‘off the shelf’ container office conversion has been designed to complement its surroundings while still maintaining a luxurious and modern feel internally. Vertical wood cladding has been strategically placed running the full length of each window to provide a degree of privacy and act as a key design feature inside and out.

If you’re wanting to add a more personal touch to the design of your container office, the unit can be designed to your individual specifications to incorporate brand design, business needs and functionality. As experts in shipping container conversions and modifications, we are always happy to provide design solutions based on your vision and ultimate requirements.



Whether you’re looking to purchase a pre-designed container office conversion, hire one of our units as a temporary site office, or want to find out more about designing your own modified container. Simply fill in the form to receive a bespoke quote specific to your enquiry. Please include a description of what you need and what type of container office solution you are looking for, and we will get back to you with a personalised quote.