Shipping Container Shop

Our bespoke design service can ensure that you have a fantastic shipping container shop.



Pop up shipping container shops are becoming more and more popular. Businesses such as London’s Boxpark are opening across the country and there has never been a better time to get involved. Whether you’re looking for a great long-term or short-term container-based business, let our team know what you need.

We have designed and built a variety of ‘pop up’ shops/stores from coffee shops to yoga studios and ergonomic clothing stores.

Our entry level open plan shop design gives you the opportunity to personalise your space through individual colour schemes, layouts and signage while maintaining a sleek, bright, modern interior and eye-catching exterior to draw attention to your business.

As standard your unit will have large windows on both the front and end of the shop to provide natural light for a bright, welcoming shop. Our units also offer an entrance comprising a set of large double French doors for easy access for you and your customers.

As with all our units, they are 100% customisable to match your vision, brand design and even the surrounding area. We guarantee that we will create a beautiful and engaging interior and exterior for your container shop that is fully in line with your wishes.



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