40ft Conversion Classroom Complete

From Cargo to Classroom: A Local School’s Unique Transformation of a Shipping Container

From Cargo to Classroom: A Local School’s Unique Transformation of a Shipping Container

Shipping container conversions are no longer just a trend; they’ve become a testament to sustainable and creative design. From stylish urban homes to pop-up cafes, these containers are being repurposed in imaginative ways. Our recent collaboration with a local school showcases the transformative potential of a corten steel container that’s been used for shipping!

The Starting Point

The school’s initial vision was clear yet ambitious. They didn’t just want a storage container; they were looking for a multi-functional space. Their dream was to craft a unique environment where students could engage in hands-on construction projects, a place that would inspire creativity and practical learning. They also wanted a 30ft container which is a non-standard size, so we decided we needed to cut down a brand new 40ft one-trip high cube container down to 30ft to meet the customer’s requirements.

40ft 30ft classroom conversion side by side before view

Considering Different Designs

Our design journey began with the idea of individual bays or cubicles inside the container. This would offer each student a personal workspace, promoting focus and individual creativity. However, after consultations and feedback from modular yard experts, it became evident that a 30ft container might feel too tight with 10-12 separate bays.

This discovery sent us back to the drawing board! We discussed options and finally decided to work towards a more open design, opting for a spacious worktop with vices attached. This new design promoted collaboration among students while ensuring they had enough room to work comfortably and safely.

40ft Shipping container conversion classroom plan drawing

The Bigger Picture

The container’s purpose was to be more than just a classroom; it was to be a hub of hands-on learning. The school wanted a space where students could seamlessly transition from theory to practice, mastering skills like hammering, sawing, and painting.

To complement this hands-on learning approach, the teacher envisioned a multimedia section within the container. We identified an ideal spot for a projector between the side windows, ensuring that theoretical lessons could be seamlessly integrated. Additionally, the ‘non-stick flooring’ was chosen to ensure durability and safety, given the range of activities the space would host.

40ft Classroom Container Cut Down To 30ft With Windows and Doors

Adding the Extra Touch

Here at UNIT we always go above and beyond for our customers. While we had the school’s list of requirements, we felt there were areas where we could enhance the space further. They had initially requested specific electrical fittings, but foreseeing the bustling activities and potential needs of a workshop, we added more sockets near the workbench.

The back of the workbench was reinforced with a sturdier wood, ensuring it could support tools and materials. Safety was paramount. Recognising a potential design flaw where the container’s placement would obstruct its main doors, we proactively added an emergency exit. This not only ensured safety but also showcased our commitment to delivering a well-thought-out design.

40ft Classroom Conversion Cut Down To 30ft With Internal Fit Out

To round off our enhancements, we gave the container a fresh coat of paint, adding to its visual appeal and ensuring it blended well with the school’s surroundings.

40ft Classroom Conversion Cut Down To 30ft Painted Green External View

The Final Blueprint

Connor, with his expertise and attention to detail, took charge of crystallising the final design. The result was a blend of functionality and good cosmetics, which the school wholeheartedly approved. While the drawing might not have showcased every detail, like the workbenches and vices, they were central to the container’s purpose and functionality.


Wrapping Up

This project was a journey of collaboration, creativity, and transformation. For the local school’s students, this container is more than just a metal structure; it’s a canvas for their creativity and a stepping stone for their practical skills. For our team, it stands as a symbol of our dedication to crafting solutions that resonate with the community’s needs and aspirations.

40ft 30ft Container Classroom conversion Complete internal

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