Gatehouse & Ticket Booths

We provide secure, comfortable security gatehouses; perfect for site security personnel or an ideal ticket booth for short to long term events.



  • 7ft Length 8ft Width
  • 3 Windows 1 Door
  • Work surface & Heater included

Floor Plan

gate house

Sizes vary from 2.13 metres to 2.44 metres, making our security gatehouses and ticket booths suitable for a wide range of applications.

Due to the amount of windows, all round visibility is achieved, while the outer steel security shutters ensure the whole unit remains exceptionally secure overnight.



With sliding double glazed windows to control visitors, it allows for the selling/checking of ticket. The interior of the unit has a wall heater with two CAT2 fluorescent lights and two double sockets. There is a work surface under the speech window for ease of use, the flooring is a hard-wearing anti-slip vinyl and there is a singular personnel door for discreet access.

When delivered, the unit is lifted into position with a vehicle mounted crane. If the unit is used on a construction site or industrial estate where a forklift truck is available then the unit has fork lift pockets.

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