Shipping Container Sheds: The Ideal Garden Storage

Shipping Container Sheds: The Ideal Garden Storage

Shipping containers are as versatile as they are secure. Although designed to haul all manner of goods around the world, they have numerous other uses. Aside from shipping container storage and temporary facilities on construction sites, or being integrated within the most modern of Grand Designs, shipping containers can also be used in place of the humble wooden garden shed. In fact, in many ways they’re significantly better. 

They don’t require assembly  


No matter how handy you are, traditional garden sheds can be a pain to assemble. With numerous pieces (and places to go wrong), the end result can be far from what you expected. Shipping containers, on the other hand, are entirely predictable. They’re delivered straight to your property, all in one piece and ready to use. You don’t even need planning permission to place it in your garden. 


They’re durable 


Given that they’re designed to bear the brunt of wild open-ocean weather, shipping containers are incredibly durable. Whilst wooden sheds are liable to rot and crumble away over the years, container sheds can withstand the elements for decades. In fact, if maintained properly, they can last in excess of 35 years.


They’re bigger 


A standard 20ft shipping container has an internal capacity of 33 cubic meters. That’s a lot of space – enough for approximately 26 three-seater sofas, in case you were wondering. A container shed can hold everything from sit-on lawnmowers to garden furniture. With a maximum weight load of 26,000kg, the only limit is your imagination! 


They’re secure 


According to a Freedom of Information request, there are on average 22,500 garden shed burglaries each year, with lawn mowers and power tools among the most lifted items. Whilst there are measures to make sheds more secure, containers are a much safer option overall. With heavy duty padlocks, lockboxes, and crossbars, it’s very difficult to break into a shipping container. 


Which container to use?

The best option to use as garden storage is the standard 20ft shipping container. Whether you select new or used, either will be sufficient for safely storing away tools, equipment, and lawnmowers.  


If you’re looking for a shipping container shed, get in contact with Unit Hire. We have a number of new and used containers for sale, so you can find the ideal one for your garden. 


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