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Unit Transport & Shipping Container Delivery

Unit Hire offers a shipping container delivery and offloading service direct to your site.

Our experienced unit transport drivers and operators will offload your containers or accommodation units using specialist vehicles. These have mounted cranes which are capable of placing them to either side of the vehicle, and can be in line or up to 90 degrees from the vehicle.

Suitable access should be allowed for shipping container delivery and collections. A hard standing area is required and the base where the unit is positioned should be as level as possible. Overall lengths of vehicles used are approximately 36ft for a 20ft unit (or smaller) and 60ft for a 40ft unit, all are 9ft wide. Vehicle weight is between 18 and 22 tonnes each, including the weight of the crane.

Safety & Certification

All drivers used have been fully trained in the use of the lifting equipment and carry the appropriate certification. The vehicles and hydraulic loading arms all undergo regular safety checks and comply with relevant safety requirements. If you have any concerns we can arrange for a site survey (there is a small cost for this service).