Does my worksite need accommodation units?

Does my worksite need accommodation units?

In the past it’s true that storage and shipping containers were just that; large metal containers used only for the storage and transportation of various cargo. In recent years, however, people have begun to see the incredibly wide range of uses for these units. From small businesses to schools, in the modern world these ultra-versatile structures can be used for just about anything.

On a worksite, however, one of the most useful purposes for shipping containers is to use them as accommodation units. Government guidelines require you to provide worksites with some form of rest area, toilet block and changing rooms (if necessary for the job), but if your worksite is far from any permanent structures, meeting these requirements can be difficult. Read on to find out why units for accommodation could be the perfect solution to your worksite woes.

What are the uses of accommodation units?

We’ve already mentioned the variety of options available to your site through the use of accommodation units, however, their usefulness cannot be understated. Here are the most popular ways to use storage containers for accommodation on a worksite:


  • As we’ve previously expressed, having a portable office can help you bring your workplace, along with all of its technical and administrative capabilities absolutely anywhere. Furthermore, with the personalisable nature of storage units, you’ll be able to move more than a simple office. With a variety of sizes, insulation options and colours catered to your taste, a container office brings with it a personal touch like none other.

Canteens and rest areas

  • Our well insulated, weatherproof storage units offer a much-needed respite for any workers. With high-quality plumbing and electrical facilities also installed, a portable canteen or rest area can ensure that anyone working on your site can take a well-deserved break.

Overnight accommodation

  • Although this is not a requirement for every worksite, if you’ll be taking on a larger job such as a music festival, this is ideal. Our warm, durable units can be outfitted to serve as the perfect bedroom after a hard day’s work. In recent years, we’ve seen shipping containers being converted into luxury properties, so with a bit of customisation, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to spend your time off-site.

What kind of worksites are accommodation units suited to?

If your worksite lacks access to permanent buildings, storage units will be perfect for your worksite. Available in a range of sizes, these vandal and weatherproof containers are not only remarkably durable but fully customisable and able to be outfitted with a range of electrical and plumbing options. With the range of customisation options available for storage options, they can be changed to suit you. Due to the level of versatility offered by accommodation units, they can actually be far more useful for your site than permanent structures ever could. Of course, as you rarely require any planning permission for units and there’s no need to erect any new structures, using accommodation units is also an incredibly straightforward and cost-effective way of making your worksite run as smoothly as possible.

The worksites perhaps best suited to accommodation units are those located away from the general amenities available in larger, more populous areas such as towns and cities. Music festivals and sports tournaments are great examples of this situation. With work crews often travelling far from home to mostly uninhabited areas, providing basic amenities to remote sites – including overnight accommodation – is a job perfectly suited to storage units. Utilising well-equipped accommodation units will ensure that your workers remain happy and motivated, no matter the environment.

The fact that accommodation units are able to be moved out to whatever sites require them is only one aspect of the kind of versatility that makes them ideal for a range of worksites. Even if your worksite isn’t miles away from necessary amenities, if your business often moves around, shipping containers are the best way to move everything with it. This is especially useful to remember for site administrators who may be required to perform a lot of office based work. The ability to transport your entire office at once really removes a lot of stress. With a container office, you’re able to transition back into work almost immediately, despite potentially moving from one end of the country to another.

So, does my worksite need them?

We’ve outlined a number of the reasons that accommodation units might just be for you. Ultimately, your worksites will benefit from accommodation units if they are outside of inhabited areas or move around frequently. However, if you’re simply looking for a long lasting, cost-effective way to deliver the amenities your workers require without investing in a property, accommodation units may just be the answer. We love shipping containers for their versatility and believe that, when done right, they can deliver an unmatched, fully personalisable experience to your worksite.


Feel free to get in touch with the friendly Unit Hire team for a quote on your worksite facilities.

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