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About Unit Hire

Established in 1999, the team at Unit Hire have built up many years of insight and knowledge within the marketplace.


Container Rental

Over the years, we have expanded our service offering to cater for the needs and requirements of our customers, as well as the locations in which we operate. We now provide our range of container rental services across London, Kent and Essex, as well as the surrounding areas.

Our units include site offices, canteens, mess rooms, changing rooms, portable toilet units, high security gatehouses/ticket information booths, secure storage units and full side access units. One of our most popular offerings is our new combi unit, featuring an office or canteen with separate single toilet facilities.


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With our new workshop facilities, we can now modify standard container units to laboratories, monitoring units, workshops, portable shops, offices for hire and for sale, all created to your unique specification. Our units can be transported to any destination in the UK and we will take care of the whole process for you.

Whether you are looking for container rentals or container units for sale, our friendly team will be able to provide polite and professional advice to ensure that your needs are met. No matter the size or scale of your container needs, Unit Hire will have you covered.

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