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How to buy a shipping container: The technical details

Choosing to buy a container can be a great investment. Whether you’re looking for a place to store excess stock for your business, a...

airtight shipping containers
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Keeping the outside, outside: How weather-proof are shipping containers?

Shipping containers are incredibly sturdy, but how do they fare against the full force of the elements? Find out how weather-resistant...

How long does a shipping container last?
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How long does a shipping container last?

Shipping containers are built to last, but how long is this exactly? Find out in our article, along with some tips on how to prolong the...

How much can you fit in a shipping container?
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Packing Recommendations: How much can you fit in a shipping container?

They’re the ideal storage solution, but how much can containers hold? We’ve covered this question and provided some practical tips...

Shipping container shed
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Shipping Container Sheds: The Ideal Garden Storage

Shipping containers are a superior alternative to the wooden garden shed. Learn why in our article.

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How to stop shipping container condensation

Condensation can ruin the contents of your shipping container. Read these five easy tips on how to prevent it.

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Do you pay business rates on shipping containers?

Shipping containers provide a flexible, cost-effective base for businesses. Do you have to pay business rates on them though? Find out...


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