Container door

Back to basics: How to open and close shipping container doors

First-time users often wonder how to open shipping container doors. Unless you’ve used a container before, you might not have realised...

drawing designs

Alternative and innovative uses of shipping containers

You might think of a shipping container and wonder how anyone could turn it into something more than a metal box. Well, there are plenty...

homeless man in london

How containers can help the homeless?

Shipping containers do more than just move precious cargo across the sea. Upcycled, modified containers are now being used in new and...

Money saving benefits

The money-saving benefits of using containers for building

In a time where plastic bags are the enemy and the need to recycle and reuse is at an all-time high, it seems that we are becoming ever...

Outdoor containers

Containers: the catch-all solution for your outdoor events

If you are in the process of organising an outdoor event, thinking about shipping containers may not have been the first thing on the...

all electric cargo resized

The ‘Tesla of the canals’ – the all-electric cargo ship that is set to sail very soon

In the past year, we have seen some exciting advancements in shipping technology that are sure to set the standard for the future of the...

unit hire lock featured image

Back to basics: how to secure your shipping container

Shipping containers are used to transport items of all values across the world – whether that’s just a few cheap t shirts or a bulk...


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