Keeping the outside, outside: How weather-proof are shipping containers?

As you can imagine, shipping containers are incredibly sturdy structures. Designed to withstand long journeys by boat, train, and truck, they can endure significant wear-and-tear. They can, after all, last longer than 35 years. nnBut how do they keep the elements at bay? Do they completely block out water, wind, and anything else that nature throws their way? In this post, we explore just how durable these steel structures are, and offer some advice on how to improve their weather-resistance. nn n

Are shipping containers airtight? 

nGiven shipping containers’ ability to transport goods all over the world in one piece, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’re airtight. Most containers, however, aren’t; they have 1-inch square vents running along the top rail. These allow some air to circulate in the containers and avoid the possibility of container rainnnSpecially-designed refrigerated containers, on the other hand, are considered to be airtight. They don’t have the same air vents running along the top rail and their floor is usually made of metal. This is so the temperature within the container can be more accurately controlled. nn n

Are shipping containers watertight? 

nAs most containers have small air vents, they’re not entirely watertight. This doesn’t mean, however, that they let water in easily. The air vents are designed in such a way as to prevent water from entering the container and damaging your goods. This can be seen from when containers go overboard – they can often float on the surface or just under the surface for weeks before they finally succumb to the waves. Being strong, windproof and resistant to rust and wear, they are also a great choice when it comes to purchasing a smoking shelter you want to last – more details here.nn n

How to improve containers for storage 

nWhilst shipping container storage will keep your goods safe, secure, and undamaged, they do occasionally require some (minimal) upkeep. Checking door seals and hinges, cleaning regularly, and monitoring rust patches will all help in keeping your container weather-proof. Check out our previous post on shipping container care for more specific advice. nn n

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