Experience the durability and convenience of our anti-vandal mains toilet blocks. Designed to withstand tough conditions, these units are available in a range of sizes to cater to various applications. We offer different male/female configurations to suit your specific requirements.
Our anti-vandal mains toilet blocks feature durable ceramic/stainless steel fixtures and high-quality finishes, ensuring easy cleaning and maintaining a bright and hygienic environment. These units are perfect for temporary use during renovations, larger building sites, or events where reliable restroom facilities are essential.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our Anti Vandal Mains Toilet Blocks are built to last and provide a comfortable and sanitary experience. Contact us today to explore the options and secure efficient restroom solutions for your project or event.
No access to waste on site? We offer effluent waste tanks which are designed to fit under each unit and can be emptied with our tank empty service on a regular basis.

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