Construction Site Office Containers: The Advantages

The construction site office offers respite from the loud, dirty work going on outside. Having an office on your worksite can be very important, whether you need a place to organise the site from, or simply a place to meet customers. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the reasons why containers are such a great choice for those looking for that perfect construction site office.nn n

They’re cost-effective

nContainers are almost always one of the most cost-effective options you have available to you as the manager of a worksite. Container offices are often repurposed from used cargo shipping containers meaning that they often cost a lot less than alternative on-site office spaces.nnThanks to the durability that has made them the staple method for hauling goods across the world’s shipping lines, they’re a great investment in the future too. For long term projects, a container office is perfect – with the right care, they’ll last for years. On the other hand, if you only need one for the short term, the ability to hire a fully-fitted office certainly saves more money than buying a different type of unit and organising it yourself.nnThe portability aspect of using containers is a further contributing factor as to why they will save you money. Unlike other types of construction site office, when moving locations you can simply bring the container – and everything in it – along with you.nn n

They’re easy to modify

nWhen it comes to their offices, everybody has different needs, so you need to be sure that your office is situated somewhere that suits you. Fortunately, with containers, you can alter them so that they are suited to you perfectly.nnContainers are incredibly easy to modify, whether you buy them prefabricated or decide to customise them at a later date. At Unit Hire, we offer containers that have already been modified to be the perfect construction site office, but the options don’t end there.nnFrom cutting out windows and doors to stacking them and connecting them, the world of modification is your oyster when it comes to containers. You’ll also be able to have them plugged into the mains, allowing you to have a warm office with all the mod cons of a bricks and mortar building.nn n

They’re secure

nDesigned to carry potentially valuable goods across thousands of miles of ocean, containers are secure by design. This, of course, directly translates into the durability and security of container-based offices too.nnHeavy doors complete with a lockbox add an additional level of security to the steel box in which the office is located, so don’t worry about leaving those office supplies inside overnight. Even with the modifications that make a container a viable office, such as windows, security will not be compromised. At Unit Hire, we ensure this by equipping all of our office containers with anti-vandal security shutters so that you can rest easy.nn n

They’re environmentally friendly

nFor the environmentally-conscious, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option for onsite offices than containers. Often already repurposed from a cargo shipping past, your container may already be 10 years old when it arrives as your office. nnPlus, due to the portability, you are guaranteed to get a lot of usage out of a container office. When cared for correctly, your container can last for years, meaning that you won’t have to replace it – likely for the entirety of the time you’ll need it.nnWhen their life does finally come to an end, containers are also one of the easiest and most environmentally friendly objects to dispose of – as we outlined in this article. From selling them on to recycling the metal, you can be sure that your container won’t just be left to damage the environment.nn nnFor more information on securing a container office for your worksite, get in touch with the friendly Unit Hire team today. We’ll find the perfect container for your situation.

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