Containers: The next evolution in healthy living?

Most of us want to be the healthiest we possibly can be. At heart we’d all like to be hitting the gym and caring for ourselves whenever possible, but it’s often not that easy. Our jobs, finances and simple practicality can all get in the way of the healthy lifestyle choices we’re determined to make. However, if you were able to hit the weights, have a dip in the pool or recuperate at the sauna in the comfort of your home it’d be so much easier. There’d be no memberships, no rushing home from work (nor any 5 am workouts), just pure freedom.nnIt’s not that easy though. Home gyms may be relatively inexpensive, but pools and saunas? They need so much room to install. Plus you’d almost certainly break the bank paying for them to be installed. Or would you?nnIn this article we’ll be exploring the world of container pools, container gyms and even container saunas. They’re growing in popularity around the world as the cheaper, portable, unique alternatives to their permanent counterparts.n

Container pools

nEven with the cold, rainy weather we’re subjected to for most of the year in the UK, the vast majority of people would love to have their own pool. However, considering that swimming pools need a lot of space and could set you back more than £80,000, they’re not the easiest things to install in your property.nnThis is where the container pool comes in. A repurposed shipping container makes for a perfectly sizeable swimming pool. At 20 feet long and 8 feet deep as standard, a container pool is perfect for keeping fit in your own back garden – or for hosting the best pool parties in town. There are companies that will build you a container pool, but it would also make for a great DIY project if you’re good with your hands.nnIf you do decide to build one, first you’ll have to make sure you have enough space – and the right planning permission – to place a container on your property. There are a few things to remember when preparing to have a container delivered, so read our guide for more information. nnFor the next step, you’ll need to ensure that the container is strong enough to handle the water; H2O is heavier than you might expect. Some extra reinforcement will likely be necessary, so talk to someone who understands structural engineering to get an idea of what you need to do to avoid any damage to your container.nnNow it’s time to waterproof the container. Although the exteriors of containers are designed to survive the rough seas and stormy weather of pan-ocean voyages, the interior is a different story. Hundreds of litres of water are guaranteed to cause rust and wear away an untreated container. Make sure you treat the metal against rust and use water-resistant welding techniques to avoid a leaky swimming pool.nnOnce your container is structurally sound and waterproof, you just need to install plumbing and filtration systems and fill it up with water. It’s best to consult a swimming pool company for this section, as there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Once the filtration systems are set up and the container is filled with water, it’s time for a swim!nnContainer pools are not only brilliant alternatives to their below ground counterparts thanks to their cost and ease of movement, but they can also look fantastic. From Tommy Hilfiger’s glass container to the very chic designs offered by Canadian company Modpools. They’re so unique and almost infinitely customisable. When you install a container pool you’ll be the talk of the town.n

Container gyms

nWhile it’s certainly far easier to install a gym at home than it is a swimming pool, a home gym can still take up a lot of room. As such, it can be difficult for many people to find the space necessary for a workout area in their house. Fitness fans should rejoice, however, as a container gym is a perfect, simple solution to creating a home gym. nnDespite the rather small width of a standard shipping container, you’d be surprised by how much you are able to fit in a 20 foot container. From treadmills, to rowing machines, to weight benches; a container gym can provide you with everything required for a great at-home workout. nnHere at Unit Hire, we’re able to insulate a container and supply it with any electricity required. All you’ll need to do is provide the equipment! With a container gym, you’re able to have everything required for a strength or cardio workout without ever having to pay a membership fee or leave your home. Plus, as with everything on this list, when you move house, you’ll be able to take your gym with you.n

Container saunas

nWhether you’ve just finished a strenuous workout in your container gym or pushed yourself to Michael Phelps levels of intensity in your container pool; at some point you’ll want to wind down. A container sauna may just be the answer. nnIn Finland, people understand the benefits of spending time in the sauna. It’s the home of modern sauna culture and the majority of Finns have their own sauna at home! Of course, that’s not the case here. In the UK, saunas are expensive and often difficult to install due to the space required. But, as with swimming pools and home gyms, with containers it doesn’t need to be that way.nnContainer saunas first caught our eye when Castor Design created the Sauna Box. The Sauna Box is a luxury container-based sauna, but it’s hardly an affordable option with its $40,000+ price tag. Here at Unit Hire, we’re all about affordable do-it-yourself solutions, and although a container sauna may be more complex than a pool or gym, it’s far from impossible.nnIn fact, container saunas are some of the most versatile options open to you when it comes to sizing. You could choose to go for a more compact 8 foot container, capable of becoming a sauna suitable for a couple. Alternatively, go for a 40 foot container and you’ll have enough room for a miniature health spa; with a sauna and even a hot tub all inside one container.nnThere are plenty of guides on the internet with instructions on how to convert a garden shed into a sauna, you could likely follow these in regards to a container and achieve the same result. Just ensure that you have enough ventilation and insulation. You’ll also need to be sure that you use the right kinds of wood suitable for a sauna. With some high quality softwood and good insulation you’ll have a brilliant portable sauna in no time at all.nnThe popularity of containers for more than just storage and shipping purposes is only likely to increase in the future. Who knows, container health and fitness could be on trend sooner than we might expect. Until then, remember to never underestimate the power of the humble shipping container, and always think outside the box.nn nnRead more about the world of container pools, container gyms and even container saunas here. For more information on the kinds of container modification options available, contact the friendly Unit Hire team today. We are more than happy to work with our customers to achieve their container goals.

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