Coronavirus Containers – How a steel box can help 

The coronavirus pandemic has hurtled us into a state of chaos. Whilst the dust settles on this new, uncertain reality, organisations need to respond rapidly in order to survive. One of the most important factors for them to consider in this period of change is storage. nnFor those that have seen demand surge, they’ll need extra space to hold their expanding stocks. For those that have been dealt a blow by the current situation, on the other hand, they’ll need somewhere safe and secure to store their goods until better times. nnThe answer to organisations on both sides of this coronavirus conundrum is the humble shipping container. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of their benefits for storage, and which kind of organisations would benefit most from them in the present situation. n

The benefits of shipping container storage 

nThere are approximately 34 million container boxes in the world, and less than a third of these are actually used in shipping. The rest are utilised in everything from modern house designs to school classrooms. Storage is another obvious use, and for good reason: n


  • Easily transported – Shipping containers are constructed to standard measurements and as such, so are the transport methods to get them from A to B. Both container ships and transport lorries are equipped to carry containers, being perfectly designed according to the measurements of the steel boxes. This means they can be quickly deployed to almost anywhere in the country (or world!). 
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  • Modifiable – Even when required only for storage, containers can be rapidly modified to hold a range of goods. When hooked up to electricity, for instance, they can be refrigerated to hold a variety of perishable items for an extended period of time. 
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  • Secure – Containers are designed to keep out whatever the seven seas can throw at them, but with a few simple modifications can also be transformed into mini-fortresses for your stock. Lock boxes, heavy duty padlocks, and alarm systems can be used to turn a shipping container into one of the most secure storage spaces available. 
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Alternative storage for pandemic times 



nIt might already be an overused metaphor, but NHS hospitals truly represent the frontline in the war against coronavirus. With thousands of medical professionals joining from the private sector and a rush to create as many intensive care units as possible, our hospitals need the greatest flexibility to respond effectively. In this ‘war’, shipping containers can be considered the ammo depots of medical centres; they can be delivered promptly to suitable areas around hospitals, and used to securely store excess essentials in line with demand. nnStorage containers offer one of the cheapest storage options available. In a time of crisis, keeping costs to a minimum is imperative to ensure resources are allocated as effectively as possible. n


nThe outbreak of coronavirus in the UK has spurred many into panic-buying essential goods. Whilst shelves have been stripped of pasta, rice, canned foods, and bizarrely, toilet roll, supermarket chains and their suppliers have been quick to up production and provide a steady supply. This influx of goods to cater to irrational consumer behaviour is likely to peter out in the mid-term as long-life products are gradually used up. In turn, supermarkets may well have an abundance in stock of certain products. Shipping containers can be deployed to store them and keep them in good condition until they’re needed back on shelves. n


nHigh-streets are rapidly becoming deserted. Restaurants and cafes have already been ordered to close, and it’s expected that other non-essential shops will follow suit shortly. The impact to the UK’s economy will be enormous but can be mitigated somewhat by some smart stock management. For those that can’t take advantage of eCommerce, they’ll have to secure their stock for better times. A shipping container is the ideal place to keep stock stashed away, secure from anyone hoping to capitalise on fewer security measures within physical shops. nnAlthough the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic might seem insurmountable at times, there will always be simple solutions available. With regards to storing vital equipment for hospitals and stock for businesses, the easiest and most cost-effective solution might just be the shipping container. nnIf you’re currently looking for a fast way to expand your storage capacities, whether as a hospital or business, please get in contact with Unit Hire. Our range of rental containers offer a temporary, flexible, and secure way to increase your storage. 

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