How retailers can containers help with the Christmas rush

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year for many, but for most retailers, it’s also the busiest. From Black Friday at the end of November through to the end of the January sales, the Christmas rush is on. From extra stock to a sea of decorations, you’ll definitely need to find a way to deal with all of these stressful, annoying and just plain confusing additions at Christmastime.nnFortunately, there is an answer to the storage woes facing retailers during the festive season – storage containers. In this article, the Unit Hire team will take a look at the reasons why containers are so useful as Christmas storage solutions.n

They don’t take up much space

nAs we mentioned, the Christmas period is the busiest time of year for retailers. Whether your business is a large outlet or a small boutique, you will undoubtedly find yourself in need of easily accessible additional storage.nnIf you don’t have access to a warehouse – or if it’s too far away from your business to be practical – a storage container is an ideal addition to your business’ storage. Due to the relatively compact size of containers (we offer a range of units for hire which are cut down to just 8 feet in length) you don’t need to worry about taking up a tonne of extra space.nnYou can position your storage container in an easily accessible space, making unloading decorations and additional stock easier than you ever imagined it could be. With a secure container taking up a small amount of space at the back of your building, you certainly won’t miss ferrying stock from the warehouse and navigating that Yuletide traffic.n

They’re portable

nMany of the businesses hit hardest by the hustle and bustle of the Christmas period are those that travel the country. Whether you’ll be touring Christmas markets, providing food at fairgrounds or setting up shop in Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland where a lot of our containers end up, it certainly helps to keep your stock with you at all times.nnNo matter where you need to go, your excess stock, decorations and, of course, your Christmas tree can come with you. Simply load your container onto a lorry and you’ll find that your container and its contents can go just about anywhere. The portability aspect of containers is without doubt one of the biggest benefits, a huge advantage during the Christmas period.n

You can hire them short-term

nThe Christmas period is relatively short. The real rush of customers tends to occur between the end of November and the end of January. This two month period is busy but really isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things.nnRather than spending a small fortune on a short-term let on a warehouse, choosing Unit Hire will give you access to a variety of containers in a range of sizes that are all available for a cost-effective price. Amidst the chaos of the festive rush, Christmas can feel like it’s over before it has even begun. Renting a container for precisely how long you need it helps to keep costs to a minimum so you can maximise your margins.nnAt Unit Hire, our containers are perfect for tackling the Christmas period head on. If you’re looking to hire a Christmas storage container as your retail storage solution, contact the Unit Hire team today. Alternatively, find out more about our intermodal retail container storage solutions. 

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