How to improve your shop with storage containers

Do you find yourself dreading delivery day purely because you struggle to fit everything in when you’re fully stocked? Or do you wish you could send your hard working staff somewhere calm and private for their breaks rather than the poky cupboard room behind the shop front? If your business is expanding or simply thriving, meaning that you could do with a bit of extra space but don’t have the time or budget for a full on building project just yet – there are lots of ways that you could use storage containers to improve your shop. In this post we outline the many ways you can use storage containers at your shop and the benefits of doing so.nnWhen supply meets demandnnIf you’re looking to extend your shop it sounds like business is good. This should be exciting rather than stressful. If you’re a new shop that’s establishing itself without an excess in profit to spend on an extension just yet, don’t let this hold you back. Shipping containers are not only a cost-effective option they also provide ease of modification and security. There are three broad types of extension that shipping containers could be used for to expand your shop space:n


  • Conversion – convert a container into a new shop front, changing rooms, or a lounging area for customers
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  • Storage – storage of deliveries, goods and sale items
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  • Office / staff space – work space for administrative or packaging tasks
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nDepending on the kind of shop you own, you may have large equipment or receive bulky deliveries that you struggle to make room for without disrupting shop display and appearance. What’s more, the items you need to store may be expensive, so it’s important that they’re stored securely. nnIf using a container simply for additional storage space, you needn’t spend time or money on conversion costs either. With doors on both ends of the container, Tunnel Containers are excellent for storage purposes because they facilitate access to stored items from both ends. They also provide more room and increased ease when loading and unloading deliveries. If you are doing a container conversion, these double doors could instead be for the shop counter, patio window, or shop front. Available in 20 or 40-foot you can fit a lot in these. Insulating containers is also relatively easy and ideal for storing perishable goods such as food. A container could easily double up as a large pantry or custom made giant fridge. In fact, some containers are made specifically as refrigerated shipping containers. nnContainers could also be converted into staff common rooms. Your shop may be bursting at the seams which might leave your dedicated staff with no places instore to relax, socialise or simply eat their lunch away from the busy shop front. Containers don’t necessarily take up huge amounts of space but can provide all the facilities necessary for a staff room, office or even a small canteen. Coming in at a much lower price point than constructing a new building, container offices and staff rooms would be a great addition to your shop. Given that a 40-foot container has enough room for around four cars, if you go for this sized container you should notice the benefit of the additional space, whatever you use it for. n

Reasons to choose storage containers

nCost-effective spacennPurchase a repurposed used cargo shipping container to convert into additional office space or a staff room and you often spend a lot less than you would doing a full-on ‘brick’ conversion. What’s more, thanks to their durability, container conversions are a great investment in the future too. With the right care they can last for years. On the other hand, if you only need one for the short term, you can hire a fully-fitted converted container to save time with little additional cost for yourself. You also have flexibility when it comes to site moves – if your business moves locations, you can simply bring the container along with you with everything in it already!nnshipping container conversion design imagennThey’re easy to modifynnContainers are incredibly easy to modify, whether you buy them prefabricated or decide to customise them at a later date. At Unit Hire, we offer containers that have already been modified – but the world of modification is your oyster when it comes to containers. Whatever aspect of your shop’s expansion you need a container for – from cutting out windows and doors to stacking and connecting containers, the bonus of modification is that you can create a space that suits your needs and site space perfectly.nnChoosing a container conversion to expand your shop doesn’t mean scrimping on comfort and luxuries either. You can have them plugged into the mains so that you can bring in all the mod cons of a bricks and mortar shop. Sound system, heaters, tills, lights, chargers, security cameras – whatever your shop needs.nnold shipping container conversion nnThey’re securennContainers are already secure by design – they were built originally to carry potentially valuable goods across thousands of miles of ocean. This directly translates into the durability and security of container-based extensions too. Heavy doors complete with a lockbox add an additional level of security to the steel box, so don’t worry about leaving things inside overnight. Even with the modifications that make a container a viable space, such as windows, security doesn’t need to be compromised. At Unit Hire, we can ensure this by equipping your container with anti-vandal security shutters.n

If you’re looking for additional space or storage in your shop, contact us today! The Unit Hire team will be happy to help you convert a container into an ideal home for your business.

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