Shipping Container Changing Rooms: A Unit Hire Case Study

The uses of shipping containers are endless. With a little outside-the-box thinking, you could probably find a use for a shipping container in almost any business. Here’s another example of how we helped a small business by renovating one of our shipping containers to meet their needs. nn nnThe business in question is a diving centre who needed a practical, affordable facility to use as a changing room and a storage space. A shipping container is the perfect solution. It’s inexpensive, easy to secure, and can be adapted to meet virtually any specifications. nn nnTo be suitable for use at a diving centre, our shipping container changing room had to be modified. Any decent changing room needs benches and seating for comfortable changing, storage space for bags and equipment, and hooks to place coats, or in this instance, wetsuits. It also needs to be spacious enough for several people to change comfortably. nn nnShipping container changing room outsidenn nnOur modifications were relatively simple but very effective. For the seating, we sourced five small bench-style seats and welded them to the wall. To maximise space inside the container, we made the seating able to fold away when not in use. We then manufactured the shelving ourselves so it fit the exact specifications of the container and the demands of the client, providing ample room for diving tanks and other equipment. Finally, we welded hooks to the wall for added storage, transforming a hollow shipping container into a fully functional changing and storage area. nn nnShipping container changing room shelvesnn nnShipping containers are extremely durable, designed to withstand being hauled across oceans by ship while protecting their contents. As such, they’re more than ideal for use as a diving centre changing room; being filled with wet diving equipment and withstanding the infamous British rain. nnBoth us and our clients were very satisfied with the result, and our collaboration proves the point we’re always making: shipping containers can be used for almost anything. From changing rooms to coffee shops to classrooms, shipping containers provide an excellent, no-nonsense solution. Get in touch with us to find out how your business may benefit from a shipping container.

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