The money-saving benefits of using containers for building

In a time where plastic bags are the enemy and the need to recycle and reuse is at an all-time high, it seems that we are becoming ever more creative in our bid to be eco-friendly. Equally, we are always looking for ways to become more self-sufficient and get clever with the way we spend our money. Who knew we could make shipping container homes cost-effective?!nn n

Container home projects

nLooking to downsize your current home? A container can give you that low-cost life you desire. Once you have your land and permits in place, as well as transport, all you really need to pay for is architectural changes and the expertise of a plumber and an electrician. Once these bases are covered, your new home will cost you less than an extension on your old home. In fact, that could be what you use your container project for!nnShipping container homes are certainly viable in the UK, but there are several things to consider when building a home out of steel boxes. First and foremost, you’ll need to decide how big you’d like it to be. Most containers are around 20ft x 8ft x 8ft, but when a number of containers are combined, the possibilities of design are endless.nnOf course, the more containers you put together, the more expensive your project will be, but you’ll still find that the cost of construction is far below the cost of the equivalent size house, making shipping container homes cost-effective and quirky!nn n

Long-term effects

nShipping containers are built to carry housefuls of goods across the seas, so they need to be waterproof, airtight and extremely durable in all weathers. For this reason, they do not decompose well, making them a problem for landfill sites (although they can be recycled). However, it’s this durable quality that makes them an excellent long-term solution for living in, since maintenance costs will be lower than traditional homes. The total lifetime cost to build a shipping container house will be far cheaper than your typical two-by-two home.nnWhen it comes to safety, shipping containers have obvious advantages over brick houses, in that they are fire-resistant, windproof and resistant to rust and wear. This makes them a robust and secure choice for just about anywhere.nnTalking of security, there are few buildings as difficult to break into than those made of pre-fabricated steel. Once locked up, your container home is safe from any would-be burglars – allowing you to leave your belongings at home with confidence.nnFinally, a smaller, neater house requires fewer items to make it homely. Less furniture makes for less clutter and fewer ‘things’ that you don’t actually need. You’ll spend less on furnishings and feel happier and lighter for it, making shipping homes cost-effective ways to save money and live better.nn n

Business containers

nThe cost of setting up a brand-new business is extensive, but the cost to build a shipping container house might be worth it in the long-run. Start up your business from a safe, secure unit, especially if you have tools or equipment that might potentially be a target for thieves and you might find shipping container homes cost-effective business tools, saving you money on security in the long run.nnIt is likely to be a preferable alternative to renting offices too, ensuring you always have a base to work from, in a location that suits you. Not having to pay business rates or relying on landlords to solve property issues is a liberating way to run a business. nnHowever, if renting is the only way you can afford to start your new company, shipping containers offer this option at a far more reasonable monthly cost than your typical office or retail space. It makes containers a far less risky way to start a business, since the initial outlay is so low.nnAnother key benefit to operating from a container, particularly for retail owners, is that you can move the unit if a certain spot isn’t working for you. If the footfall of your first location isn’t as high as you’d hoped, you can hire the transport needed to move it to a more profitable area, helping to raise your profit levels. Of course, doing this too often could have a negative effect on repeat clientele who might not be able to find you for a second visit, but it can be a useful trick in the early days.nnReady to turn one of our shipping containers into your dream compact home or new business? Contact the Unit Hire team, we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

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