Unit Hire in partnership with Cyclehoop

We’ve recently begun pushing our container modifications here at Unit Hire – you can read about all of our new mods here – but we’re particularly excited to announce that we’ve started work with Cyclehoop. Cyclehoop’s brand new Container Cycle Hub was built by Unit Hire and has already made its name as the cycle parking area for Waltham Forest Council.nnWe’re so glad to have worked with Cyclehoop on this project, but understand that many of our customers might not know what Cyclehoop is or what they do, so we thought we’d bring you up to speed. In this article, the Unit Hire team are here to talk you through our brand new project and what will, hopefully, be a great partnership with Cyclehoop in the future.nn n

What is Cyclehoop?

nIf you don’t recognise the name, you’ll almost certainly recognise the products. Cyclehoop is an innovative company trying to encourage cycling across the UK and beyond. They create a variety of bike racks, lockers and infrastructure to help cyclists in 16 different countries. Over 3 million Brits cycle at least once a month and by providing more accessible storage across the UK, Cyclehoop make it easier to get on your bike and go for a spin. nnCyclehoop has worked with a variety of councils to install their products in public places, bringing the benefits of cycling the thousands. So we were honoured when they asked us to help with their latest product.nn n

Our Container Cycle Hub

nCyclehoop decided to give their bike lockers a serious upgrade and convert an entire high cube container into their latest bike storage product. The brand new Cycle Hub was built with the help of Unit Hire, with the first unit being installed at the Waltham Forest Council’s civic offices back in February 2019.nnIn encouraging a shift from cars towards cycling, Cyclehoop is clearly quite an eco-minded company. What better way to show this off than by recycling a single use shipping container into a bike rack? nnDue to it being a fully portable structure built without the need for bricks or cement, the Cycle Hub drastically reduces the amount of CO2 that would be produced in the construction of a traditional brick and mortar bike shelter. Plus, if sites ever change and the Hub is needed in a different location, it can simply be moved – it never needs to go to waste!nnWhile its environmental benefits are all well and good, the Cycle Hub would be no good if it wasn’t great for cyclists too. Fortunately, it works wonders in this aspect as well. The space-saving V10 Two Tier racks installed inside the Hub ensure that as much space as possible is being conserved. Plus, cyclists will be pleased to know that the Cycle Hub also offers free access to a bike pump and tool stand attached to the inside of the container.nnHere at Unit Hire, we’re big proponents of the benefits of using shipping containers in building projects, especially for their durability. For the Cycle Hub, we’ve installed a high-security grate to the front of the unit. This provides natural light inside, while reducing the visibility of the bikes from the outside for the sake of security. The grate can be opened either with a mechanical code lock or electronically for keyless entry.nn nnWe can’t wait to see more and more of these Cycle Hoops pop up around the country and look forward to furthering our partnership with the Cyclehoop team. Check out more of their products here and don’t hesitate to contact the Unit Hire team for any container modifications of your own.

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