5 ways to use storage units on worksites

Storage units on worksites are used for my more than just storage. Indeed, these units are their canteens, their offices, their cloakrooms and sometimes their bedrooms. Due to their versatility and durability, there are a myriad of ways in which storage containers can be used to increase the efficiency of any worksite.nnVisit any standard site and you will see that they can be adapted to serve various purposes in a wide range of different working environments. But how exactly are storage containers used within the construction industry, and how do these uses benefit the day-to-day operation of sites?nnIn this post, we will outline the many ways in which storage containers can be used on sites. If you’re a construction manager looking for effective site facilities that serve every purpose imaginable for your workers, this list will prove that flexible and reliable storage containers are without a doubt the best way forward.n

1) Site offices

nOn any site, it is essential that managers and contractors have somewhere to plan and discuss proceedings in a private space. While a construction site is a difficult place to build an office, storage containers provide a functional solution. These units act as the central hubs in which big decisions are made: they are used to plan, design and finance entire projects right there on site. Rather than doing this far away in an established office building, storage containers allow managers to run the project without being removed from the process entirely.nnSite offices are available in a variety of different sizes (depending on the size of the project), and often come decked out with windows, desks, office chairs, central heating, air conditioning and electricity. The conditions of a site office differ from those of other offices, and as such they are built for their respective environments. With a steel exterior, they are protected from the everyday dangers of the site, and secure from the risks posed by vandals.n

2) Toilet blocks and cubicles

nThere are a number of toilet solutions on the market to use on construction sites, and single-unit chemical toilets are among the most common. While they are easy to transport, quick to install, and easy to clean, they are often noted for being unhygienic and uncomfortable to use. However, using storage containers for toilet blocks provides an alternative to the cramped and unpleasant experience of using portable toilets, not least because they aren’t just toilets.nnFor example, the toilet units we offer come with as many as three urinals, three toilets, and two wash basins. They also have a separate section with one toilet and one wash basin (for use by women or managers), and each section is kitted out with hot water heaters, extractor fans and soap dispensers. With increased facilities and space on offer, these toilet blocks are far more pleasant to use, hygienic and easier to keep clean compared to other site toilets.n

3) Mess rooms and canteens

nGiving workers a comfortable space in which to eat and relax is essential to site productivity. Mess rooms offer all employees the option to relax in the warmth and replenish their energy. They are usually kitted out with the facilities necessary to prepare food, make hot drinks, take a break and socialise. This includes a number of canteen facilities such as tables, seating, sinks, counters, and a range of white goods.nnOn their own they are able to cater for large numbers of on-site personnel at a time, and when connected via stairs they can cater for even larger groups! Storage unit mess rooms are designed for maximum comfort and functionality, with insulation and ventilation making them fit for all conditions and environments. Furthermore, our combi unit is a container decked out with all the facilities necessary for all three of the above points, with separate sections for the toilet and the office/canteen space.n

4) Storage

nAlthough this is the intended use of storage containers, it is nonetheless still a useful one! Durable, secure, weatherproof and versatile, containers are perhaps the best method of storage available to the construction industry.nnOur storage units are made from anti-vandal steel and come in a range of sizes. They are typically used to hold worksite materials, work supplies and construction equipment – whatever it is that requires storing, there will be a container unit suitable to hold it securely and safely. Some containers are even used to store functioning generators, protecting them from the elements while they keep the site running.n

5) Changing and drying rooms

nStorage containers are known for their secure and insulating qualities, which makes them perfect for use as on-site changing and drying rooms. These are units in which workers can change in and out of their uniforms, or hang up any wet clothing to dry. To ensure maximum privacy for workers, they are fitted with partitions or cubicles in which they can get changed. In addition, these units often come with the option of extra heating facilities, electrical outlets, air conditioning and lighting.nn nnAll of the above are just a few of the functions that storage containers can be used for, but their full range of uses really knows no bounds. The team here at Unit Hire are always willing to meet the needs of our customers, no matter how adventurous they may seem at first. From pop-up shops to fully-functioning laboratories, there is nothing that can’t be achieved with converted storage containers! Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for a quote.

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