Best for the fest: Why every festival needs containers

Festival season will always be a big time for the container industry. The hundreds of thousands of revellers who spend their weekends getting muddy in fields across the country from May to August (and sometimes beyond) rely on containers more than they might realise.nnIn the world of festivals, containers can solve a lot of issues faced by organisers. Whether you’re running a niche event with a 300-person capacity or a huge mega festival like Reading or Download Festival, containers certainly have their place.nnRead on to discover the many ways that durable, affordable event containers can benefit just about any festival situation.nn n

Ticket booths

nAlmost every festival, music or otherwise, will require guests to have tickets. Having a straightforward, secure method of taking money and storing these valuable tickets is incredibly important. These ticket booths should be compact, portable and warm enough to keep the people working in them comfortable during those grim British Summers. Containers are the perfect option for your ticket booth needs.nnAt Unit Hire, we have a range of containers turned ticket booths. Compact and portable – coming in sizes of between 2.13 and 2.44 metres – they can be placed in whatever areas are most convenient for you. All of our units have plenty of windows for near-360º visibility and come fitted with secure shutters to ensure that any tickets or the all-important festival wristbands are safe when the booth is not in use.nnTicket booths from Unit Hire are also perfectly equipped to deal with the often less than lovely British weather. Double glazing and wall heaters come as standard to ensure that ticket staff are always warm when working.nn n

Green rooms

nWhether for the festival organisers or VIPs and their guests, your festival will likely need areas for people to get away from it all. You may need an office set up, or simply somewhere for bands to kick back, relax and have a few drinks and snacks – just remember: no brown M&Ms.nnSome festivals opt simply for large tents or tarpaulin covers for their green rooms, but these often won’t cut it. While the rest of the festival is getting rained out, administrative staff and any VIPs should be able to relax in the knowledge that they’re safe from the mud, rain and screaming fans.nnWhether it’s just the road crew or Kanye West himself, a container office can be the best place to relax. Fully wired into the mains; heating, lighting and beer fridges can all be installed without any issue. Many of our site accommodation units can also be hired as combi units, with a toilet and washroom built in – perfect for relaxing before and after a 2 hour set on stage.nn n

Toilet blocks

nWe’ve discussed the great benefits of using toilet blocks before, but they certainly deserve a mention here too. Toilet blocks are portable, connected to the mains and far more aesthetically pleasing than chemical portaloos.nnWhile portaloos are perfectly suited to the festival’s general admission as they’re cheap and can be placed en masse, container-based toilet blocks are always a better option for those seeking more luxury. Whether you’re a smaller festival or are just appealing to a more discerning crowd, a toilet block is the cleanest, most attractive and most hygienic solution. nnAt Unit Hire, we offer both toilet blocks and chemiloos for hire, allowing you to cover all of your bases with ease.nn nnThe next time you organise your festival, consider what event containers could do for you. For the perfect green rooms, ticket booths and toilets, contact the friendly Unit Hire team today!

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