Eco-friendly benefits of storage containers

There are many eco friendly benefits of storage containers. Eco-friendly principles shouldn’t just be confined to the home. They should also apply to the decisions made on large-scale projects within the industrial sector. Some managers and contractors on construction projects consider it their responsibility to make their worksites as sustainable as possible. This includes using facilities that do not have a negative impact on our environment, ensuring minimal use of energy and low carbon emissions.nnThe use of storage containers as site accommodation is known to be particularly sustainable for many reasons. Here we will be outlining the eco-friendly benefits of storage containers in the worksite – specifically those used as toilet units, office spaces, and worker facilities.n


nPerhaps one of the main eco-friendly-benefits-of-storage-containers is their reusability. Since they do not need to be built from scratch to be useful, the containers can be used over and over for a variety of different purposes. For instance, here at Unit Hire we can repurpose storage containers as anything from toilet blocks to canteens. But a more popular example is the use of storage containers as sustainable homes. This ensures that storage containers do not end up in landfill when they have fulfilled a particular role. It also removes the need to use up more energy by manufacturing more containers than necessary.n

Energy usage

nAs well as saving energy and reducing carbon emissions by removing the need to manufacture new buildings for site accommodation, storage containers also require less energy to operate as site accommodation on a functioning worksite. Running a proper worksite means giving workers essential amenities like running water, electrical outlets, good lighting, and adequate insulation. As such, regardless what kind of site accommodation you use, it’s important to keep an eye on those energy bills. Since storage containers are relatively small, less energy is needed to keep insulation and electricity running at a high standard.n

Saving water

nWith clean water and toilet facilities being an essential feature of any functioning worksite, managers may want to be wary of how much water they are wasting on a day to day basis. Sinks, toilets, urinals and drinking fountains each need a source of water to function properly. Using storage containers as bathroom and kitchen units offers you a water-saving solution. Such facilities can easily be connected to an external water tank. This measure promotes water conservation and reduces strain on the mains water supply. Saving water on a construction project is much easier this way!n


nA major environmental benefit of storage containers is that they will very rarely need replacing or maintaining when used on a worksite. With their durable steel constitution, they are able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. After all, they were initially designed for the conditions expected during maritime transport! As a result, storage containers are guaranteed to remain functional and structurally sound throughout years of use with very little maintenance. Not only does this ensure the safety of your workforce, but it also cuts down on the energy needed for maintenance and replacement over the years.nn nnFeel free to get in touch with the friendly Unit Hire team for a quote on your worksite facilities.nn 

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