5 benefits of using accommodation units on worksites

There are a whole host of uses for shipping containers as accommodation units on worksites and the corresponding advantages are aplenty. Indeed, these units have proven useful for many different purposes on construction sites – from mess and changing rooms to offices and canteens. Contractors and site managers often tell us how conducive they have been to both productivity and welfare for their employees. In this post, we’ll take you through some of these major benefits so that you too can understand the appeal of using shipping containers on worksites.n

1. Security

nWe understand that security is of the utmost importance for any worksite. Therefore, our shipping containers offer great security capabilities alongside their wide range of worksite functions. Constructed from marine specification steel, they are virtually vandal-proof and come with a lockbox securing a high-security padlock to prevent any tampering. Ultimately, shipping containers offer some of the most secure onsite storage and accommodation available to both the public and private sectors.n

2. Versatility

nPerhaps the most surprising aspect of shipping containers – and one of the most beneficial to your worksite – is their versatility. We’ve already talked about how versatile they can be, but it can’t be overstated. Shipping containers are far more than simply containers for storing cargo. We strive to help you make the most of your containers, turning them into offices, canteens, toilet blocks and more! Such accommodation units can be insulated and be fitted with storage racks for more sensitive goods. Due to the durable nature of the units, they can also be used as sustainable homes. They are even used as classrooms in some parts of the world.n

3. Durability

nOne of the greatest benefits of using accommodation units on worksites is how durable they are. Naturally, they are extremely hardy and weatherproof thanks to being designed to survive the harshest conditions at sea. This durability will translate to your worksite perfectly. Aside from greasing the hinges and locks at regular intervals and making sure that your container is positioned correctly, there is very little you need to do to ensure that your container will last for years.n

4. No planning permission

nBusiness owners will be pleased to hear that, along with being one of the most secure, versatile and durable objects to bring to your worksite, in most cases storage containers require no planning permission to place. Unlike building a new office or toilet block, storage containers are non-permanent so there’s no need to seek planning permission. Issues may arise if you intend to place your container in a residential area or near a road junction. However, in most cases on worksites you won’t need to worry about planning permission at all.n

5. Eco-friendly

nAs we’ve mentioned before, one of the main benefits of using accommodation units on worksites is how eco-friendly they are. Due to their durability and small size, they are reusable structures that require a lot less energy to heat and use far less power than a traditional office (or a home for that matter – check out these eco shipping container home designs from Australia). Furthermore, due to the non-permanent nature of containers, they can be moved when you move. This ability to transport your office, toilets, or canteen to an entirely different worksite means that your unit will never end up harming the environment in a landfill.nn nnFeel free to get in touch with the friendly Unit Hire team for a quote on your worksite facilities. For more information about welfare requirements for construction site facilities, click here

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