The 5 ways hiring a container answers your self-storage prayers

There are so many options out there when it comes to self-storage, it can be difficult to work out which is best for you. From buying a build-it-yourself shed from B&Q to renting a more expensive permanent storage unit in a facility and everything in between, there certainly are a lot of options out there. For us, however, container hire is the way forward.nnWith durability, portability and versatility on their side, we can’t think of a better answer to all your self-storage prayers than renting a storage container. Read on to discover the array of benefits that container self-storage can offer you when it comes to looking after all your important possessions.nn n

Short and long-term

nOne of the best aspects of container self-storage is the versatility available. Containers are perfect if you only need storage space for a short time while you move house, or for many months, maybe even years, during home or business renovations. Of course, if you need to store items for a number of years, you may be better buying rather than renting a container, but that’s your call.nnDesigned to survive salty sea air, heavy storms and plenty of bumps and bangs, containers are undoubtedly tough. If you choose to use one on your own property, as long as it’s placed correctly, we can assure you that it’ll survive the British weather (no matter how drizzly it gets). The durability of storage containers goes beyond surviving the elements, however. No matter how long you need the storage space, containers are just as tough on vandals and vermin as they are hailstorms and April showers. Composed of reinforced steel and secured with heavy duty lockboxes, it’s unlikely that anybody will be getting into your container.nn n

They hold more than you might think

nWe’ve already addressed the fact that storage units are bigger than you might expect when we discussed what size container is suited to your needs. However, it bears repeating that these things are big. Although from the outside a 20-foot container might look unassuming, they’re decidedly TARDIS-esque – much bigger on the inside than they may look.nnBelieve it or not, a 20’ shipping container can store the contents of the average 2 bedroom house! We can’t think of another storage solution that gives you that much bang for your buck, let alone that garden shed you considered building as your next DIY project. Of course, having a 20 (or 40) foot long steel box in the garden isn’t suitable for everyone, but not to worry. If your storage needs are smaller, we offer containers in a variety of sizes. Whether you need a small 8’ container ideal for storing important documents or a few pieces of furniture, a 15’ container to keep your car out of the elements, or even a 40’ high cube container for storing the contents of your family home and car – containers come in a range of sizes.nn n


nThe key aspect of containers that makes them stand out from all of their competition in the storage world is the portability factor. nnSince the standardised shipping container was first rolled out in 1958, the main job of the container that we know today has been to transport goods. Whether by sea, air, road or rail, containers are explicitly designed to be moved around. As such, they are an ideal storage option for anyone expecting to be on the move.nnContainer rental is a great option for people moving house or business premises, allowing you to transport the entire contents of the property in one go. With a container, you can move just about anything anywhere. Whether you need to move from one side of a city to another, halfway up the country or even to the other side of the world, a container can protect your possessions while you relax knowing that everything is safe.nn n

Designed around you

nTying in with the versatility aspect of containers that we touched on earlier, another great element of container self-storage is the way in which the boxes work around you. nnNow, of course, the steel box itself is not designed for you. With modern technology, however, bespoke storage unit designs are becoming increasingly popular everywhere. At Unit Hire we offer, among other additions, shelving units that can help keep your storage unit organised and in-unit insulation for an extra layer of protection for sensitive goods in storage.nnBeyond that, we are also able to offer Openside units suitable for sideloading. This is particularly useful for storing the contents of your unit on pallets that require a forklift to move. Ultimately, if you have a specific requirement when it comes to storage, there is likely a unit or a modification out there that’ll suit your needs.nn n

They beat the competition

nAside from containers, using a dedicated self-storage facility with individual lock-up rooms may be your only option when it comes to mass storage solutions. But when it comes to storing a large number of items that you have easy access to on your own property, competition is slim.nnIn terms of self-storage on your own land, containers are likely to be the most durable – and most interesting looking – way to keep your possessions secure; plus, there’s no assembly required. Container homes and pop up shops, as well as the industrial-chic look, have been soaring in popularity over the last few years, so they certainly won’t be a blemish on your house or business. Forget a rickety shed, it’s time to start considering a container for your next home improvement plan.nn nnGet in touch with the friendly Unit Hire team for a quote on buying or hiring a storage container yourself. For more details on the benefits of using containers for a self-storage business, visit here.

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