Why a modified container is the sports equipment storage unit you’ve been looking for

Looking for heavy-duty sports storage to organise your footballs, tennis rackets and hurdles? When it comes to outdoor sports equipment storage, you’ll want a storage unit which is sturdy and reliable to safely store all of your gear. From keeping sports kit and balls tucked away to safely storing larger equipment like rugby posts, football goals and gymnastics mats, our specially converted container storage units are the perfect solutions for sports storage. We’ve listed some of the reasons why a modified container is the best option for sports equipment storage below.nn nnYou’ll want a dedicated space to relieve you of all your storage burdens where all your gear can be kept organised, clean and safe in one place. Everyone will know exactly where to find the equipment and where it should be put back after it’s been used. nn n


n nnNetball, football, rugby, athletics, golf, horse riding (and many more sports) all take place outside, come rain or shine. Each one of us will have memories of being wet through during a PE lesson or sport session as a child. Here in the UK, outdoor sports take place on a daily basis all year round, from school PE lessons to sports clubs and training sessions. This makes having an outdoor sports equipment storage unit incredibly handy. Simple wire sports storage cabinets and racks eventual become weakened over time and do little in the way of protecting your gear from rain, sleet and snow. While other sports storage solutions are not the sturdiest when it comes to battling against the infamous British weather, our converted containers are designed to withstand harsh climates at sea. This makes them a great option for storing your equipment while also keeping them safe, clean and dry. nn n


nIf you are a club or school that offers multiple sports, chances are you’ll need a sports equipment storage unit which can house all your different equipment and gear. From knee pads and netball bibs to football goals and badminton shuttlecocks, a converted container can be fitted with all the required elements for ultimate organisation. Shelves, hangers, hooks and racks to additional elements such as built-in toilets, lighting and heating can be added to meet all your needs.   nn nnThere are plenty of DIY sports storage solutions out there that use a combination of individual baskets, cabinets and racks to provide storage for different types of sports equipment. But this requires you to construct these storage units yourself, which can often lead to your equipment being disorganised and damaged. Anyone who has ever had to assemble IKEA flat pack furniture will understand the frustration that comes from having to assemble furniture yourself. With a bespoke container conversion, you can choose what types of storage solutions you want inside your unit to suit your needs. Whether you need hanging bike racks, wall hooks, equipment shelves or football baskets, we can fit the necessary storage elements into your container so you can store all of your equipment properly without the need for you to get out your electric drill.nn nnAs experts in container modifications, Unit Hire has worked on multiple projects where containers have been converted into sports equipment storage units. For example, we created a custom-made Ski Shop for the dry slope in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Capable of storing heavy ski boots and withstanding the even heavier footfall of aspiring skiiers, the inside of this converted container was designed with internal modifications to effectively store the ski equipment. Another great example is our collaboration with Cyclehoop to build their Container Cycle Hub, a modified container which acts as a large bike storage unit with two-tier racks installed inside to allow cyclists to store their bikes.nn n


nSports kit comes at no small cost. The equipment owned by a sports club or school can easily be worth thousands of pounds. Ensuring that your sports gear is stored safely and securely is therefore essential to protect it from vandalism and theft. This is another benefit of using a modified container as a sports storage unit. Originally designed to spend most of their lifetime on the back of huge cargo ships, containers are able to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and even bullets. So they are certainly vandal-proof as it is extremely difficult for anyone to break into a container or set it alight. Being a two to four tonne fortified steel box, they are also incredibly difficult to steal. They are certainly not the type of steel box that can be put into the back of a van and driven away. So you can rest assured that your sports gear will be safe and secure in a container.  nn n


nUnlike a brick-and-mortar garage or sports storage shed, container units also have the advantage of being portable. This is extremely useful if you end up changing sites, or adjusting the layout of your sports club or school. When you move, your container storage unit can be picked up and moved into a better position to fit the new location. Instead of spending money on a structure that might have to be knocked down in the future, you can simply move your container to wherever is appropriate.    nn nnWhether you are looking for a bespoke conversion or a pre-designed container, our expert team will work with you to find the sports storage solution for you. To find out more about using a container as a sports storage unit, get in touch with our team here.

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