Looking for a cheap, portable outside smoking shelter? The hunt is over.

Looking for a cheap, portable smoking shelter for your outside space? When it comes to choosing an outdoor smoking shelter, you might consider some of the basic smoking canopies out there to help keep costs low. But there are other affordable options out there that offer much more than a glorified glass shelf. nnOur modified shipping containers are converted to cater to all of your staff’s needs. From keeping them warm and dry away from cold to providing them with a comfortable place to socialise outside, our container smoking shelters have lots of benefits. We’ve covered some of the main benefits of container smoking shelters below. nn n

Why do you need one?

nSmokefree legislation requires all places of work and public spaces to provide enclosed areas for smokers to protect others from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. Although you do not legally need to provide an external smoking shelter for your customers or staff, providing a designated space helps to minimise littering, noise and health issues that result from smoking. Plus, it is nicer for those who do smoke to not have to stand in the pouring rain!nn nnWhile there are plenty of smoking shelters and canopies out there, the vast majority of the products on the market are not durable structures but simple quick fixes. Our converted shipping containers provide a safe and protected space outside to smoke while also boasting additional benefits which other smoking shelters cannot offer.  nn n

Fits the bill

nAll of our container smoking shelters are fully compliant with UK legislation (meaning that no more than 50% of the units are enclosed) while still providing a free-standing refugee outside that is protected against the elements. The open walls allow for the rapid dispersal of cigarette smoke while still providing shelter for multiple people at once. This helps to create a sociable area outside for both smokers and non-smokers, where your staff or customers can chat without having to huddle underneath umbrellas. nn nnBy having a designated smoking area, you also reduce the risk of fire on your site by providing a clear space with in-built cigarette bins to help keep the space clean and tidy from discarded butt ends. Their fire-resistant design of shipping containers also helps to prevent accidental fires, while the non-slip floor protects you against accidental falls and slips.  nn nnGrey Unit Hire smoking shelter amongst many shipping containersnn n


nDesigned to carry precious cargo across the seas, shipping containers are, by design, waterproof, airtight and durable in all weather conditions. Because of this, they do not deteriorate easily, making them much more durable than wooden smoking shelters. Made out of pre-fabricated steel, our container smoking shelters are strong, windproof and resistant to rust and wear, making them a great choice when it comes to purchasing a smoking shelter you want to last. The last thing you want is to purchase a smoking shelter for it to break or wear down after a few years. With a converted shipping container, your smoking shelter will last through the years making it a worthwhile investment. nn n


nYou might be thinking, ‘container smoking shelters sound great, but how expensive are they?’. They are more affordable than you think. Our modified containers make the perfect solution if you are looking for a cheap smoking shelter that will last for years. While purchasing an inexpensive smoking canopy might be cheaper in the short term, in the long run, these are not cost-effective solutions but quick fixes. nn nnOur container shelters are designed for small budgets while simultaneously providing you with a long-term solution without the need for replacement. Their robust structure also makes them vandal-proof and safe from potential burglars, making them the ideal choice if you are looking for a long-term solution. nn nnThen there is the matter of assembly. Anyone who has ever ordered flat-pack furniture will know the frustration you feel when trying to assemble the furniture. With other types of cheap smoking shelters, you have to assemble them yourselves. Our container smoking and vaping shelters come fully constructed, so there is no need for self-assembly. Once delivered, your shelter can be used immediately without the need to decipher any instructions or hunt for misplaced nails. nn nnGrey portable smoking shelter in storage container yardn


nInstead of mounting a basic canopy to an outside wall, our free-standing smoking shelter unit can be placed wherever you like in your outside space. Suitable as a permanent smoking area for your colleagues or customers, as well as a temporary smoking shelter for site workers and corporate events, they can be moved to wherever they are needed at the time. Wherever you move to, your smoking shelter can come with you. nn nnInside of smoking shelter container with bench and cigarette binn

A little bit of luxury

nMost smoking shelters on the market are simple canopies that are supposed to protect smokers from wind and rain. However, memories of standing at bus shelters in winter as a child will tell you that simply canopies do not keep the British weather away as much as you’d like. Our custom-made smoking shelters not only offer more substantial refugee than basic canopies but also come with in-built seating, anti-slip flooring and cigarette bins. nn nnLighting and heating options are also available to add additional comfort to your self-contained smoking unit. Added ventilation, shelving, partition walls and more can be added to suit your requirements. Whatever level of comfort and luxury you want to add to your smoking shelter, we can make it happen.  nn nnAs experts of shipping container conversions, here at Unit Hire we understand how to make durable, affordable structures that meet your requirements. Our modified shipping containers are perfect if you are looking for a cheap, portable smoking shelter. To browse our range of container smoking shelters that are available for sale or hire click here to find out more, or get in touch with our expert teamnn 

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