Considering containers when setting up a construction site

Containers are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. They’re just as at home as a storage shed on a plot of land, working a wedding as a portable bar, or acting as a gatehouse for a music festival. Thanks to their hardwearing, easy-to-maintain nature, containers also find themselves at home on construction sites serving a variety of functions.nnIf you’re setting up a new construction site and haven’t thought about what containers could do for you, now’s the time to start. In this article, our team take a look at how much containers can benefit a new construction site set up. Read on to discover the ways in which your site could benefit from the installation of containers.nn n

Site accommodation

nWhen your labourers are working on-site all day, it’s imperative that you provide a good area for them to rest and recuperate. Whether that’s a place to change or a place to eat, your construction site cabins need to be top-notch. Permanent construction site accommodation is expensive both to buy and maintain, and once it’s used, you could run into issues when it comes to offloading it again.nnThis is where containers come in. A converted container can be the perfect addition to a new construction site, serving a variety of purposes. From the foreman’s office to your worker’s canteen and mess rooms, containers can do it all. Here at Unit Hire, we have a selection of modified containers that are perfect for worksites.nnDue to their versatility, containers make a great addition to building sites. Our containers are available in a range of sizes and can be modified to fit your needs. For smaller worksites, we offer combi units as an all-in-one solution that contain a canteen sink unit, office space and individual toilet with washbasin – all contained within a 20-foot container.nn n

Toilet units

nContainers not only make fantastic accommodation and office units for your worksite, but they are also ideal for toilet conversions. Many sites get by through the use of chemiloos, the classic plastic chemical toilets that construction sites are frequently associated with, but these can be far from ideal. Portable toilets are a great choice for occasions like music festivals or outdoor sports events where they are used by hundreds or even thousands of people, but for a construction team, they’re often not the most comfortable or economical choice.nnOn the other hand, container-based toilet units are great for worksites. Hiring toilet units for your construction site gives your employees a far more comfortable place to use the bathroom than they’d have with portable chemiloos. Toilet units usually have fully-flushing porcelain toilets, as well as running sinks with hot and cold water. nnAt Unit Hire, we have a range of toilets to rent with basins, urinals, toilet cubicles and separate male and female sections to provide a comfortable, private toilet for your site. Our units also contain hot water heaters and are fully lit with fluorescent or LED lighting. You can connect them up to either the mains water or an effluent tank, depending on what is accessible for you on your construction site. All of our toilet units have forklift pockets too, so moving them around the site is not a problem either.nn n

Your new construction site

nConstruction site setup can be difficult at the best of times, but we believe that with the use of containers, you can make it so much simpler. Depending on how long your work is due to take place, you may choose to rent or buy your containers outright. Whatever the case, they can serve you well for months or years to come.nnConstruction sites can always benefit from the inclusion of containers, so if you’re starting work on a new site, they’re worth considering – check out our 5 benefits of using accommodation units on worksites. Whether you’re looking to hire or buy, get in touch with Unit Hire today to discuss the options for your site.

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